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Members exposition in Art Society ArtiBrak in Voorburg
January 4 - January 26 2014

Artikel AD 6 januari 2014


70 x 90 cm
(Fund ArtiBrak Galleryprize 2014)

From the report by the jury: “In the lower hall a painting drew our fancy. We kept on discovering new forms, the depth guided us to a vista which leads further and further on. The persons in the painting begin to move from their arrested position. The more we watched, the more we saw. ‘Travellers’ fascinated us, only after a while we began to see the multitude of colours and the strip of light, illuminating and then again darkening the surface-forms. Is a lightning approaching? Is the sun rising? A forest of stories, the romantic landscape, the sky above and below the travellers……..”
The annual ArtiBrak Gallery Prize was awarded to Willy van den Berg by the jury for her unique use of colour, brush technique and the estranging story.

Fund ArtiBrak Gallery Prize is awarded to Willy van den Berg

Jury: “painting is fascinating”

(From: Haags Nieuwsblad, January 15, 2014)

Haags Nieuwsblad Willy van den Berg has been awarded the Fund ArtiBrak Gallery Prize 2014. During the animated New Year reception on January 4, jury chairman Margit Tamàs announced the winning entry. Van den Berg was awarded the Gallery Prize for her unique use of colour, her brush-technique and the estranging story, told by the painting ‘Travellers’.

“The painting drew us near time after time, we kept on discovering new forms. We were fascinated by ‘Travellers’ and it was only after some time that we began to see the multitude of colours and the fact that the persons in the painting seem to be moving from their position”, the jury stated. The members of the jury presided by Margit Tamàs were Mariska Toetenel (Chairman of the Art Group Wassenaar) and visual artists Tina van Krogten and Marc Renckens.

Willy van den Berg studied at the Academy of Arts in Rotterdam. Her love for art in general and for the old masters of the past can be recognized in her work. Willy van den Berg builds up her acrylics with many translucent layers. This creates a contrast between the illusion of spaciousness and the surface of the canvas itself and a sensation of visual movement. The artist herself said: “Each new painting is an adventure and a quest for harmony”.

The Fund ArtiBrak Gallery Prize, consisting of a sum of € 250 and a testimonial, is awarded each year to the artist who, in the view of the jury, has created the most successful work of art in the exhibition of the ArtiBrak Art Society members.



Members Exposition of Art Society Arti-Shock in Museum Rijswijk,

November 7 - November 10 2013


Shadow Image 70 x 90 cm
(Nomination Arti-Shockprize 2013)