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Aan het werkThemes and techniques
Willy van den Berg lives and works in
The Hague, The Netherlands. She studied at the Willem de Kooning Academy of Arts, Rotterdam. She obtained a master’s degree in Art History at
Leiden University.

The main themes of the work are related to making choices, searching, taking leave and light versus dark. Inspired by memories and personal stories, the paintings refer to deeper layers of meaning, creating a timeless and tranquil world where figures try to find their way. In diffused light, the subjects remain shrouded in shadows.

Technique: Acrylics on linen.

Memberships and associations

- Associated with Stroom, Den Haag.
- Associated with Kadmium, Delft.
- Working member of Haagse Kunstkring, The Hague.

- Working member of Art Society Arti-Shock, Rijswijk.
Working member of Art Society ArtiBrak, Voorburg.

Awards and nominations
- 2021 Winner of Prize awarded by the Public, Gallery Arti-Shock, Rijswijk.
- 2016 Winner of Prize awarded by the Public, Museum Rijswijk.
- 2014 Fund ArtiBrak Galleryprize, Voorburg.
2013 Nomination Arti-Shockprize, Rijswijk.