Recurring themes in the work of Willy van den Berg are abstraction next to figuration and light versus dark. Half hidden is a solitary figure who, like a spectator, appears to be on the move or on a quest. What is the purpose of the journey? Are memories sought, arising from a dream which no matter how peaceful and fulfilling they were, are already evaporating? Or is the goal redemption or reunion with a loved one who seems untraceable?

Other possibilities are also being explored. The tension between lines and surfaces is partly realistic and figurative and then again abstracted and stylized. Small figures find their way here in a timeless, tranquil and often radiant world of an increasingly abstract nature. The seeker has now become a viewer in an enigmatic universe that tells a story in an iconical visual language.Sometimes the representations are figurative. Almost graphic shapes and lines are combined with passages in color. 

The seeker has now become a viewer of an enigmatic world that seems almost empty but is filled by iconic shapes.

Small creatures are enclosed by geometric shapes or escape from them, ending up in a world of whispering swirls. The shapes dissolve into small imaginative creatures from the animal kingdom. The artist leaves what exactly happens to the viewer. Other work approaches abstraction. Willy van den Berg's work is multifaceted, dreamlike and imaginative.